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About New Sound in Music &
Founder & CEO John Battle

Mr. Battle has produced and performed jazz, R&B and gospel music since 1965. He was also exposed to country music from the 1950’s. He is one of Washington D.C.’s most talented singer / songwriters and maintains the latest techniques and abilities in both performance and management today. With over forty years of contacts in the music business. It has sharpened his skills and his abilities to help others in need of general experience in the music arena to become successful and prosper.

Mr. Battle has five full length CD’s all over the internet for purchase in the US and around the world. Go to most any search engine and put in Mr. B, I saw you in a dream and all five CD’s will appear. His music is available on mp3, CD, Streaming and Digital downloading. They have sold in the USA and other countries around the world. He has performed at night clubs, festivals, churches and other special events.

Performing as "Mr. B", John Battle has 5 Albums to date Including: